Chicago Damage Restoration


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Chicago Roof Repair

Chicago Roof RepairAre you looking for emergency Chicago roof repair for wind or animal damage? The need for roof repairs in Chicago can be a nightmare when left damaged for long periods of time. Openings allow animals and insects to enter your home and nest causing larger issues, along with the opening giving exposure to the elements like rain and snow which can cause water damage leading to damaged drywall, electrical issues and mold growth. If you have never seen a hole made by a squirrel or raccoon you’d be surprised how easily they chew through roofing shingles and thick roofing plywood to gain access. After total animal removal, quality Chicago roof repair is a must. Storm damage is another leading cause of Chicago roof damage repair needs as wind, rain, hail and lightening can all harshly effect your home, especially when large tree branches crash into your roof. For all these situations we have Chicago damage restoration solutions to get your home back to new in the least amount of time as possible. We specialize in Chicago roof repairs for damage related issues such as storm damage, wind storm damage and animal damage restoration.

Siding Repair in Chicago

Siding Repair in ChicagoIs siding repair in Chicago needed for damaged home siding from storm or animal? Damaged home siding replacement is necessary beyond just aesthetic reasons, especially in Chicago with the variant weather changes. When a home with siding has had damage done, the behind structure may not keep out elements such as rain and even worse, allow rodents to make their way inside. Our siding experts can repair home siding in Chicago and surrounding areas back to its original condition so you don’t have to worry about water damage, mold damage or rodents populating your home. Home siding is very easily damaged during wind storms when heavy objects or branches crash into it causing cracks or disconnecting sections. Animals are another cause to damaged siding from chewing to get inside your home. What ever your home siding repair in Chicago or surrounding areas needs may be call us today for damage restoration solutions for home siding in need of repair.

Chicago Attic Insulation Replacement

Chicago Attic Insulation ReplacementHas a raccoon caused the need for Chicago attic insulation replacement? Usually when insulation needs replacement it’s the cause of squirrels or raccoons trailing through blown insulation smashing it thus making it lose it’s R value. Once the R value is lost its insulation properties are substantially diminished creating large spikes in heating and cooling bills. Attic insulation replacement in Chicago is also important for getting rid of animal feces from insulation. This part of attic restoration takes experience in making sure no contamination can enter the home during the old insulation removal process. Feces in attic insulation is toxic and depending on the animal creates problems from internal parasites to lung disease. We have your Chicago attic insulation replacement and attic restoration needs covered whether raccoons have smashed your insulation and defecated or your insulation has been damaged by water, fire or storm damage. We specialize in Chicago attic insulation restoration and have technicians certified in hazardous waste removal.

Chicago Drywall Repair & Replacement

Chicago Drywall Repair & ReplacementDo you need Chicago drywall repair or replacement due to water damage or an animal invasion? In the case of an animal the size of a raccoon breaking into your house, it will leave a large opening wherever it entered. That opening will allow water to enter the home, ruining drywall and over time causing mold to grow. Mold is dangerous to anyone with a breathing problem, asthma or bronchitis. Mold will also keep growing and spread over time making the breathing condition unsafe for anyone. Chicago drywall repair or replacement will prevent mold before it happens. Drywall repair or replacement is also necessary when the animal using the bathroom wherever it pleases causes visible stains on drywall and weakens it over time as well. The odor alone makes people act on the decision to replace the damaged drywall. The opening may also take place because of a storm. A storms strong wind can throw many objects into a roof, including debris or if powerful enough larger parts of a tree. That opening will allow water to seep in and start hitting drywall. If you need Chicago drywall repair or replacement, contact us for the best service in the business.

Chicago Attic Insulation restoration

Chicago Attic Insulation restorationChicago attic insulation restoration is necessary for damaged insulation from animals to keep energy costs as low as possible. Once your insulation is flattened from squirrels or raccoons living in your attic it loses its insulation properties making it necessary to have it properly replaced. Our Chicago attic insulation restoration services specialize in not only the damaged insulation removal but the feces that is sometimes left by attic animals. When a raccoon has entered your attic the toxic feces almost makes attic insulation restoration a necessity as it carries toxic parasites that are harmful to humans. Another reason Chicago attic insulation restoration is so important is because once it is ruined, heating and cooling bills rise as the temperatures from outside are better able to enter with out the insulation barrier. Generally raccoon damages are covered under home owners insurance so once professional raccoon removal is done an insurance adjuster will come out to access damages. Squirrels are typically not covered so unfortunately your squirrel removal and damage repairs are usually paid out of pocket. If animals have entered your attic and you are looking for professional Chicago attic insulation restoration call us today for an appointment. You may just be surprised at how much extra money is being spent on energy costs from damaged insulation.

Chicago Soffit-fascia Replacement

Chicago Soffit-fascia ReplacementHas your soffit, or fascia been damaged by a storm or raccoons? Fortunately, this kind of situation is usually covered by homeowners insurance. After the removal of the animal, if animal caused, Chicago soffit- fascia replacement helps avoid water coming into the animal sized hole which can ruin insulation and dry wall from water damage. Chicago soffit-fascia replacement will also prevent further water damage that leads into mold growth. Mold is horrible for anyone with asthma or bronchitis and causes breathing problems. Water hitting any visible wires could also lead to fire damage, which is disastrous. Another good reason for getting Chicago soffit-fascia replacement is to make sure rodents and stinging insects are no longer able to enter as well. These gaps are taken advantage of by many types of insects and rodents especially during the winter months. Contact us today to find out why we are the best in the business when it comes to Chicago water and fire damage, and soffit-fascia replacement.

Chicago Chimney Repair

Chicago Chimney RepairIf your in need of Chicago chimney repair from wind damage or chimney fires we can help. Our Chicago chimney repair experts specialize in accidental chimney damage when storm damage or chimney fires have caused the need for chimney repair. If your chimney has been damaged and you are unsure if its safe feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment for one of our experts to come out and evaluate the situation. Many times damaged chimneys allow animals and birds to enter, removing the barrier between your family and wildlife. We can have wildlife removal or bird removal done to eliminate these issues before repair and chimney capping. Home damages of this nature are covered under home owner insurance policies, our experts can take the reigns and get the process started for you, working with your insurance start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We cover all bases in Chicago chimney repair and can have your masonry looking as good as new.


Chicago Animal Feces Removal

Chicago Animal Feces RemovalChicago animal feces removal is a must for healthy living conditions. Did you know that pigeon droppings and bat guano carry a spore called histoplasma capsulatum that causes lung disease when inhaled? Did you know raccoon feces carries a toxic parasite called raccoon round worm that once ingested or inhaled will attack your central nervous system and have been even known to travel and eat the cerebral cortex causing blindness? Pets are no exception either as they are more susceptible to these problems. Our Chicago animal feces removal safely gets rid of animal droppings so no further contamination is an issue. Whether your in need of Chicago bat guano removal from an attic, Chicago raccoon feces removal from a roof, around your A/C unit or attic or pigeon removal of droppings from roofs and frequented areas we remove all types of animal excrement. Call us today for Chicago animal feces removal needs for safe and efficient animal feces removal.

Historic Home Restoration Chicago

Historic Home Restoration ChicagoOne reason why people are wary of historic restoration is because of the delicate nature of the materials. The materials that were used way back when are way different than today’s or take time to repair such as “wooden windows”. Wooden windows were often used in older homes, and today mostly in luxury homes. Wooden windows are called to be respected for their significance and need to be repaired with original materials and features. Something like this is NOT done by just any company and must ONLY be done by certain professionals who know the process of knowing what materials are needed, how to document everything done, and how to correctly preserve the historic restoration. Another reason why people are scared or just build new homes is because of the cost of historic restoration. To help with the cost, there are certain restoration loans such as the FHA 203k. With the FHA 203k, the amount lent is varied by state but the requirements aren’t heavy if you have good credit and go up to 97 percent of the value of the home, but the repairs must be finished within 6 months of closing. The house must also need at least $5000 in non-cosmetic repairs minimum and be a 1-4 family dwelling. In some cases it is also a good idea to check with your state or if available a local historic preservation office to see if you qualify for a grant. Federal grants and tax credits are generally not available though to people restoring historic homes for use as a private residence. If you have a concern with the process of historic restoration and need more info, contact us today.

Chicago Urine Stain Removal & Odor Elimination

Chicago Urine Stain Removal & Odor EliminationWe can have urine stain removal & odor elimination in Chicago taken care of from animals living in an attic. Once wildlife control has been completed our Chicago urine stain removal & odor elimination is usually important when trying to save drywall, drywall is very susceptible to staining from urine and soaking up odors that can permeate through a home. Our Chicago urine stain removal services typically are important when a raccoon has urinated or defecated in an attic leaving smell and moisture to damage. Most of the time this damage will happen to the attic insulation however when attic insulation is damaged so badly it lies directly on the drywall or the attic has no insulation at all then Chicago urine stain removal is almost always a must. Our Chicago odor elimination services are amazing for all types of odors trapped in a home, upholstery or even worse wood and concrete from skunk odor. Typically when raccoon or squirrels have damaged an attic Chicago odor elimination is necessary to get rid of animal smells left behind that are attractive to other animals, making them want to enter the vacant den. Our skunk odor elimination services after total skunk removal, are amazing for homes that have been hit by spray. Skunk odor must be destroyed as it will outlast any cover up scent and penetrates almost all surfaces especially concrete, wood and drywall. If you need Chicago urine stain removal from drywall or Chicago odor elimination from any type of animal we know how to get rid of odors for good.

Chicago Mold Elimination

Chicago Mold EliminationChicago mold elimination is a must for clean air breathing conditions and to reduce problems relating to allergies. Chicago mold elimination is also crucial for anyone with asthma or bronchitis, because for them it is tougher to fight off, and they are more susceptible. Mold grows relatively fast and can grow in a matter of 24 hours to 10 days of the existing growing condition. A condition for mold to successfully grow could be results from broken pipes, leaks, or even by high humidity. Chicago mold elimination is needed because mold uses cellulose as its main nutrient for indoor environments. Common building materials such as plywood, drywall, carpets, carpet padding, furring strips and all other kinds of organic matter are food for mold. If you are not sure if you need Chicago mold elimination, keep in mind that infants, the elderly and anyone else with a lower immune system due to disease or chemotherapy are at risk to serious illness. Mold spores can be inhaled, ingested, or even absorbed through the skin. The most common symptoms usually reported from mold exposure are: eye irritation or watery eyes, coughing, rashes, headaches, tiredness or dizziness, a runny nose, congestion, and more sensitive asthma. Molds can also produce a smell which can be identified. Larger outbreaks of mold need to be handled professionally. Simply killing mold will not work, as it needs to be safely and professionally removed because of the chemicals and proteins that cause reactions and symptoms in humans are still present even in dead mold. Contact us today for safe and professional Chicago mold elimination.

Chicago Wind Damage Restoration

Chicago Wind Damage RestorationWind damage can cause a variety of problems that can cause serious damage to your home and if not treated immediately and responsibly, can result in even larger problems down the line. Wind can tear roof shingles off of a roof and if powerful enough, the whole roof itself. Wind rips off siding from your exterior walls, especially easy if the craftsmanship was poor enough that wind is able to get under the siding. Wind can also throw a variety of debris and tree branches if close enough to the house into windows. Falling trees due to heavy wind can heavily damage roofs and any wall it hits. High winds are different than tornadoes which can bring a house down in an instant. High winds are common and happen everywhere, especially during storms. Location doesn’t help very much when it comes to high winds as much as it does for tornadoes as high winds happen more frequently and are way more common. Chicago wind damage restoration services can help you in all these situations but if left untreated you could be looking at new problems. Any holes left unattended from a roof, a broken window or damaged siding invites wild life and rodents to freely come into your house as they please. Holes now make your house susceptible to the elements, especially rain which will start to rot wood and cause mold issues. And now you have an unsafe living and breathing environment for you and especially anyone with a weakened immune system such as kids, pets, and the elderly. Chicago wind damage restoration services can fix problems and stop further problems before they arise. Call today for your best bet in Chicago wind damage restoration services.