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Insulate your home with energy-efficient spray foam insulation. We offer professional installation of the industry’s best spray foam insulation products at reasonable prices. We also provide animal damage repairs for attics that have been destroyed by raccoon damage.

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Stay warm and snug without spending a fortune on heating and cooling. High-quality insulation provides temperature control year-round, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving you money on your heating and air conditioning bills.


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Your attic is often the part of your property where insulation makes the biggest difference. After a proper assessment of your attic space, we will help you find the right package to fit your home’s specific needs. Choosing the proper insulation for your attic space is crucial in keeping a home warm, cool, energy efficient, and ice dam free.


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Protect your basement from frost, moisture, pollen, insects and animals. Basements can be a major area of energy loss and may also be susceptible to frost damage, water damage, and mold damage. Spray foam insulation solves all these problems by keeping your whole property energy efficient and moisture free.

Spray Foam Insulation Kits - A Product That Really Sticks to Its Purpose

Insulation Specialist The best do it yourself spray foam insulation kit is ultimately the one that would greatly benefit the consumers. Aside from providing adequate air and temperature regulation for your home, the best DIY spray foam insulation kit should also be environmentally friendly by cutting back on your energy consumption. Here are some tips on how to get the best one for you.Before you purchase the best do it yourself spray foam insulation kit, you have to do a couple of preparations that could determine the success of your project on the first try.First of all, you have to know how many and how much spray foam insulation kits you're going to require. You could do that by deciding on what area you're going to use it. After that, calculate the number of boards you'll need (square footage x inches); the result of this calculation will help you arrive on the number of kits you have to purchase.The US Department of Energy has formulated a chart of R-values for insulation kits. The idea is that the higher the number value the greater insulation is produced.You need to remember that spray foams will not stick to oily and dirty surfaces. That's the reason why you need to dust and scrub the area.In almost all cases, the best foams always come from manufacturers with years and reputable experience; let's take for example, Handi-Foam and Great Stuff. Now, you are faced with the problem of which to pick between the two brands. You could always surf the ever-so-reliable internet to fish for more detailed information about the product you plan to buy. There are always online shops, community forums, and online experts to help you choose the best.There are actually two categories of spray foam insulation kits: closed-cell kit and open-cell kit. Choose closed-cell kits if you have to fill gap holes inside your wall insulation system. The open-cell kit is mostly sprayed on surface voids in the attic - the area of your house where you're going to use this will guide you in selecting.If you want a more one-on-one personal discussion, you can visit your local hardware or home improvement centers. They'll be more than willing to point you to the right direction.One of the things you have to take note of in choosing the right spray foam is its capability to fill in large holes or crack surfaces. The Handi-Foam Two Component Foam doesn't require moisture to cure the interior layers of the spray foam substance - its chemical component will do all the work.Naturally, the best do it yourself spray foam insulation kit should live up to your requirements and expectations - if it doesn't, there's no reason for you to buy it. Energy Home Insulation One of the most important keys to reducing your heating and cooling costs is having your home well-insulated. So what is the best insulation for your home?Spray FoamFoam insulation has two forms: Open and closed cell. Both are made from a polyurethane material and have different propellant agents added. Some are made from biodegradable materials, such as soybeans, to make the off-gases friendlier to the environment. Foam is probably the best insulation for blocking air infiltration combined with high R-value. Installed by a professional, the price of spray foam varies depending on the thickness of the walls and type of foam. Spray foam insulation is probably the best overall insulation on the market if you can afford the cost. Foam insulation lowers your heating and your cooling loads when installed correctly. Additional benefits are elimination of air infiltration, keeps out dust, mold and allergens, and does not sag or deteriorate.Open cell foam is used more in residential applications. It is less expensive to install and is easier to work with after it's in place. Open cell allows water to penetrate, so it makes an excellent roof deck insulator. If water is allowed to penetrate, you can locate roof leaks before the decking deteriorates. Biggest benefit of open cell is heat transfer in sunny locations. It takes approximately 36 hours of sun to penetrate through 8 inches of foam. This is also true for walls. So when the home is cooled, it will stay cool. The warranty of the roof material is not voided with the installation of spray foam insulation.Closed cell foam has a much more structural component to it and can support some weight without compression. Closed cell does not allow water to penetrate and is an excellent insulator for basement and crawl walls where water could be a problem. Closed cell foam has a higher R-value per inch but is very ridged and tough to work with after installation. It is most often used in commercial applications. However, it has its useful applications in homes.Foam insulation keeps mold out of walls. Mold occurs in walls with batt insulation because of "thermal loop effect". This is where the heat penetrates the exterior wall, coming in contact with the cooler interior surface of the drywall, causing moisture to form. Moisture above 25% can provide an environment for mold to grow. Spray foam blocks this heat transfer and has no air gaps in which moisture can form.One way to combat the higher cost of spray foam is to combine a couple of inches of closed cell foam with fiberglass batt insulation installed over the foam, getting the exceptional air-blocking value of foam, with the high R-value and lower cost of fiberglass insulation. Spray foam insulation costs more than fiberglass batts, but it also has approximately twice the R-value of typical fiberglass batts insulation. By combining the two you will get the best of both. Foam insulation is also particularly good for remodeling projects when there is only easy access to the basement or crawl space and the attic. By blocking the air flow from the top (attic) and bottom (crawl or basement) you stop the draftiness that some older homes have, thus making the home more comfortable.A more comfortable home is what we all are looking to achieve. Spray foam can give you warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer when combined with the appropriate HVAC system. These systems can be smaller in size when your home is better insulated with less air infiltration.

Spray Foam Insulation - Green Building Product

Roof Insulation Contractors If you have never heard of spray foam insulation kits, you definitely need to check into them. You might be asking why this type of insulation is all that important in the grand scheme of things, however if you want to save money and your health, this type of insulation is something you need to know more about!Spray foam insulation is a liquid before it is applied, however once you spray it onto a surface, it becomes a solid material which fills the holes and gaps that are causing your home to lose energy. Regular fiberglass insulation simply cannot fill all of the tiny little areas where your heat and cold air are escaping from your home every day. Using spray foam will save you serious money on your energy bill each month.Another drawback of fiberglass insulation is that there are potential health effects that one can experience from touching or being near this type of insulation. If you have ever had the experience of touching fiberglass insulation, you know that it can cause severe itching and red irritated areas on whatever it has touched. In addition, there can be particles of sharp, jagged fiberglass flying around in the air if the insulation has been disturbed in some way. These pieces can get into your eyes and cause damage. However, the greater concern is that you can inhale them and cause damage to your throat and lungs.Although the initial cost of spray foam insulation kits may be a bit more than the cheaper fiberglass option, the overall benefits of saving money on your energy bill and preserving your health are far greater.

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Minnesota Spray Foam Insulation Spray foam insulation is a great way to save on your energy bills by making sure that any cracks or gaps in your current insulation are filled to prevent heat escaping. Cracks in attics, walls or any area in your home that leads to the outside can let heat flow directly from the property. Here you are basically paying extra heating bills for essentially no benefit. Because of its ability to insulate even the most difficult areas foam insulation is often used to improve existing insulation as well as in new building projects. It will obviously be better for your home to have this insulation installed from the beginning but an upgrade of older insulation can easily be achieved using this versatile spray.is a cost effective and green solution which will effectively insulate even the most hard to reach areas. It will also keep out water. The foam is applied to any area and will then expand within a few minutes to provide a complete seal. The money saved over the long term will far outweigh the higher installation costs associated with foam insulation.Kits which can be operated by a home owner are purchased for less than $2000. They will be sufficient to complete any small insulation project in your property. Instructions are included along with all of the necessary hardware so this one investment will be all that is needed for you to begin saving money immediately. Can you afford not to make it?You will need to take safety precautions when using kits including wearing protective eye wear, gloves and overalls. The procedure will be safe as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed carefully. The instructions will contain details of how the foam should be applied along with what kind of performance you can expect from it. The procedure generally involves a quick set up of the equipment followed by aimed spraying. The foam will then dry and turn solid within minutes so you can see the results straight away. The procedure is easy to follow even when insulating areas which would usually prove difficult. This is possible without any real issues due to the foam expanding and filling even the smallest gaps once it has been sprayed. As long as you are able bodied and capable of aiming the nozzle at any area which requires insulation then the process should be a satisfying one for you.